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Universal Preschool Provider Information

We’re excited to have providers participate in Universal Preschool Colorado. Providers will participate once they have registered and created a profile within the Universal Preschool Colorado application system.

We hope this helps providers always be at their desired capacity, more easily communicate with families, and represent their businesses to a wider audience.

Providers must be licensed to provide services for preschoolers and must sign a provider service agreement. Speak with your LCO to begin your registration process.

Provider Login
Log in using your email address associated with the licensing system.

If you have issues, please contact your Local Coordinating Organization (LCO).

Participating Provider Guidance

Includes information on:

  • Provider Payments
  • Qualifying Factors
  • Multi-age Settings & Seat Flexibility
  • Special Education/IEPs
  • Funding
  • Application & Matching Process

Additional Resources:
Provider Guide

Provider Training Video

Universal Preschool Provider Town Halls

How can I participate as a provider in Universal Preschool Colorado?

Providers who are licensed to support preschool-aged children are able to participate. In addition, providers will need to sign a provider service agreement. The terms and conditions of the agreement can be found here.

Speak with your LCO to begin your registration process.

What are the requirements to participate as a provider?

All providers must be licensed to participate. Providers will also need to follow quality standards that are designed in accordance with law. Providers also need to agree to sign a provider service agreement.

How much will I be compensated if I participate?

Provider rates vary by location. To view the provider rates by location, click here.

What is the payment schedule?

Universal Preschool payments for 4-year-olds will be distributed to providers in advance on a monthly basis from August through May. On August 1, providers will receive a startup payment based on matches from the first three rounds of matching. A family must have accepted their match by July 9 to be included in the startup payment. Payments through the school year will be based on confirmed enrollments on the 15th of the prior month.

The general payment schedule is as follows: 

15th of the prior month - deadline for providers to confirm a child is enrolled at their site for inclusion in the next payment. 

8th of the payment month - payment distributed (ACH transfer) to providers based on the prior month’s enrollments. 

Payment Month 

Enrollment Deadline 

Payment Date 
















What questions are asked of families in the application? 

Click here to view screenshots of each page of the Universal Preschool Colorado application.

Will families be able to have siblings go to the same provider together? 

As families apply, we will consider if they currently have a sibling also enrolled with a certain provider. We will take this into account in our matching to keep families and siblings together where possible.

Will I be able to continue to care for a child who I had as a 3-year-old? 

As families apply, we will factor if they currently have a child enrolled with a provider. We will try to ensure continuity of care when possible.


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