Policy & Legislation


The Policy and Legislative unit is responsible for advancing policy and fiscal interests to achieve the strategic mission and vision of the Department, with both the Governor's Office and the Colorado General Assembly. The unit works on behalf of the Department's leadership team, coordinating and facilitating the legislative agenda and implementation process, articulating the Department's position on legislative and fiscal matters, and regularly engaging with external stakeholders, partners, and advocates to accomplish the Department's policy and fiscal objectives.

Legislative Agenda

The Colorado Department of Early Childhood is committed to ensuring the delivery of a comprehensive, community-informed, data-driven, high quality, and equitable early childhood system that supports the care, education, and well-being of all Colorado’s young children, their families and early childhood professionals in all settings. CDEC is prioritizing the following bills through its legislative agenda for the 2024 Colorado Legislative Session:

HB24-1009: Bilingual Child Care Licensing
Sponsored by Representatives Joseph and McLachlan and Senators Ginal and Rich, this bill would require the Colorado Department of Early Childhood (CDEC) to ensure that child care licensing services be available in Spanish and establish a Bilingual Licensing Unit. Providing access to Spanish language child care licensing services would help remove barriers that preclude individuals from becoming licensed child care providers in their communities. Read the fact sheet here. 

Legislative Reports

The Colorado Department of Early Childhood is statutorily required to submit reports to the General Assembly and the Governor's Office. These reports, which include programmatic data, performance information and/or policy recommendations, are organized below by office/division, report and date.


Online Kindergarten Readiness Pilot Survey


Joint Budget Committee Requests for Information

Following the passage of the annual appropriations act, known as the Long Bill, the Colorado Department of Early Childhood receives formal requests for data on an annual basis from the General Assembly's Joint Budget Committee. The responses to these requests are organized below by office/division, report and date.


Legislative Resources

Please contact us if you need a report from a prior year or in a different format.