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Colorado Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems: Health Integration Prenatal-to-three Program (CO-ECCS)

The Colorado Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems: Health Integration Prenatal-to-three Program (CO-ECCS) is advancing the infrastructure, capacity, equity and sustainability of Colorado’s maternal and early childhood systems of care to achieve the vision that “All children are valued, healthy and thriving and have equal access to services, supports and resources” in Colorado.

In 2021, Colorado was among 20 grantees awarded $255,600 annually from 2021-2026 through the Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Health Integration Prenatal-to-Three (ECCS) Program to integrate and strengthen the state's maternal and early childhood systems. The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, provided this funding opportunity to advance cross-sector collaborations and partnerships, health system improvements, state-level policy and fiscal innovation, equity, and family leadership to promote early developmental health and family well-being among prenatal to three-year-old (P-3) populations. Its particular focus on the prenatal-to-age-3 period maximizes the opportunity to reach and support families during the earliest stages of parenting.

The grant, awarded to the then Colorado Department of Human Services-Office of Early Childhood, is overseen by the Colorado Department of Early Childhood (CDEC). CDEC contracts with Illuminate Colorado, in partnership with the Colorado Health Institute, to ensure the successful implementation of the grant. The work is guided by the Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Working Group, an approved working group of the Early Childhood Leadership Commission. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment supports the data and evaluation of this project.

The CO-ECCS has three goals:

  • Increase the engagement of new stakeholders, such as families and health providers in the system of wrap-around supports for families during pregnancy through the first three years of a child’s life.
  • Align early childhood and maternal child health systems to advance the sustainability of multi-generational preventive services and systems.
  • Advance health equity by creating an Early Childhood Health Equity Action Plan focused from the prenatal period through the first three years of a child’s life.

Through work on these goals, the CO-ECCS will build upon Colorado’s foundation to implement innovative and creative approaches that cut across federal, state, and local systems and services, which will result in an equitable and comprehensive P-3 system. The project will also strengthen the state infrastructure and capacity to serve children and families P-3 by integrating and aligning health services so that families are able to receive a full continuum of support during the most critical times in their child’s life.

Visit the Illuminate Colorado ECCS website to learn more about planned CO-ECCS activities and get involved! 

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