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Printer-friendly Rules Regulating Child Care Facilities

For your convenience, below are the "printer friendly" versions of the Child Care Licensing's administrative rules. These documents separate the administrative rules for each Child Care Licensing Program and/or subject area for a more user friendly experience.

Disclaimer: The Colorado Secretary of State (SOS) is the official publisher for all of Colorado's Administrative Rules. Please visit the SOS website to view the official version of the Division of Early Learning, Licensing, and Administration (DELLA) Administrative Rules. If there are any differences between the "printer friendly" version on our website and the SOS version of these administrative rules, the official publical from the SOS is the controlling and/or prevailing publication. Generally, there is a two (2) month lag time between the adoption of new rules and publication in the Code of Colorado Regulations. 

Administrative Guides for Rules Regulating Child Care Facilities

The Division of Early Care and Learning is developing administrative guides to accompany rules regulating child care facilities. The guide serves to clarify, and ensure the proper and consistent interpretation and implementation of, child care rules. The guide also provides the rationale behind rules and links to resources to help programs comply with the rules.​

Available Guides

Interpretive Memorandums
  • 2011-03: Infant/Toddler Department - Approved Course of Training (EQIT) - April 25, 2011
  • 2011-06: Pyramid Plus - Approved Course of Training Meeting Child Guidance Course Equivalency
  • 2012-03: Pre-School Children under an IEP Being Alone with IEP Professional
Resources for Child Care Programs

Click here to access the folder containing forms and checklists for licensed child care programs. 

Seleccione aquí para tener acceso a los formularios y las listas de requisitos para programas de cuidado infantil bajo licencia.

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