Strengthening Colorado Families and Communities


​The Strengthening Families Network aims to increase awareness and encourage efforts to embed the Strengthening Families™ Protective Factors Framework in family support practice across Colorado. Learn more about the Strengthening Families Network through our profile. ​

The Strengthening Colorado Families and Communities biennial Conference is a joint collaboration between the Colorado Department of Human Services, Office of Early Childhood, Office of  Children Youth and Families, and Illuminate Colorado.  Each year individuals from around the state participate in workshop sessions, networking and robust discussion to strengthen their knowledge of effective child abuse prevention strategies and protective factors that strengthen families. This year's 2020 virtual conference was no exception. Participants at this years conference heard from state and national experts on topics centered around Innovation Space, Working Together to Maximize Resources, Anti-Racist Practice, Supporting Workforce Care, and Best Practices. If you participated in the 2020 conference, thank you. Content discussed at the conference is available by visiting the Strengthening Colorado Families and Communities Conference web page. We hope to see you at the 2022 Strengthening Colorado Families and Communities Conference

Ways to Engage

Statewide Network Membership

Become a member for free. Our contact list currently has 1,100 professionals from many sectors and fields of practice across the state.

Members find value in:

  • Building a learning community to stay on top of new research and best practices related to the protective factors.     
  • Creating a vehicle for providers to share what they are doing and learning in their communities with others.

Professional Development through Framework Implementation Resources

Attend the Strengthening Colorado Families and Communities Biennial Conference, participate in a regional Strengthening Families Toolbox training, or complete the online training. Explore resources on the national Strengthening Families website. Connect with trainers, parents and providers to deepen your knowledge and understanding of protective factors.

Participation brings value by:       

  • Increasing parent partnerships and elevating parental leadership skill development.
  • Increasing professional development skills focused on protective and promotive factors.        
  • Recognizing and supporting caregivers as decision-makers and leaders.         
  • Creating a channel for providers to share what they are doing and learning in their communities.

Shifting Practice, Policies and System Opportunities

Share your voice. Advance practice and policy in Colorado and embed the Protective Factors Framework.

Sharing brings value by:  

  • Building public will to embed protective factors into all work with families in the state.
  • Weighing in on projects and initiatives to make sure the protective factors lens is considered.
  • Imparting feedback on statewide projects and initiatives involving children, youth and families such as the Early Childhood Colorado Framework Revision, Policy Advisory Council Birth to Five Task Force recommendations, and the development of a joint workshop on the Protective Factors, Quality Standards for Family Support, and Two Generation approach.

Strengthening Colorado Families & Communities Conference

The 2016 Strengthening Colorado Families and Communities Conference focused on building resilience and the protective factors that prevent child maltreatment, was co-sponsored by the Colorado Department of Human Services, Illuminate Colorado, the Early Childhood Colorado Partnership and the Colorado Health Foundation. Learn more about the conference.