CCCAP: Expand Income Eligibility

The Need

Prior to the pandemic, the Colorado Child Care Assistance Program (CCCAP) only had enough funding to serve just over 8% of income-eligible families. CCCAP is an effective poverty reduction strategy, and this activity enables an estimated 3,000 additional families to access affordable child care and more fully participate in the State economy and workforce. 

The Strategy

This activity increased the entry income limits for CCCAP, enabling the program to serve more low-income families who are currently eligible for CCCAP, as well as others just outside the current eligibility levels based on Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Key Outcomes and Learnings


The increased entry income thresholds went into effect July 1, 2022. As of October 2023, an additional 430 families and 645 children qualified for CCCAP under the new income thresholds. 


Awareness of the increased income thresholds is dependent on how information about this initiative is disseminated. It can take time to build awareness among eligible families and a lack of awareness slows program growth among families that may not have previously qualified.

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Amount: $36,046,473

Source: American Rescue Plan Discretionary 

Expiration: September 30, 2024


Evidence Brief

"CCCAP Reduced Co-Payments for Families and CCCAP Expanded Income Eligibility for Families" 

Brodsky Research and Consulting

(September 2023)

report cover image for CCCAP Reduced Copays and Income Eligibility