Request for Applications


The Department is still accepting applications for LCOs, even after the June 24 application deadline for the first cohort. If your entity is interested in serving as the LCO for your community, please contact your Early Childhood Council to see where your community is in the process of identifying an LCO. Note that applications include the provision of demonstrating community support - this is intended to be a collaborative, community-driven process rather than a competitive one.

Additional information is enclosed in the application.

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The following map shows the initially proposed catchment areas that LCOs will be serving. The map is based on the colored areas, which are the current Early Childhood Council boundaries - this should not be interpreted to imply that Early Childhood Councils are the presumed LCOs. The counties served in each catchment area are indicated in the map below, and a list of school districts in each catchment area can be found here (note there are two pages in this document). These regions are subject to change.



The Early Childhood Leadership Commission (ECLC) has developed a toolkit to support communities in identifying and planning for their LCO. Please see the following resources, which include resources to be shared with all participants in these community conversations, as well as resources to support the facilitators of these community conversations, which will generally be the local Early Childhood Council. Click here to find your local Early Childhood Council and get involved!

Resources for LCO Applicants and Partners

  • LCO Background Information Packet: An Information Packet of all of the available information related to LCOs
  • LCO Overview Video: 12 Minute Video of LCOs and important information to guide your Community Conversation
  • FAQs: An up-to-date list of Frequently Asked Questions about LCOs
  • Information Session Recording: Overview of LCOs and introduction to the Toolkit (from April 12, 2022 ECLC Town Hall)
  • Next Steps Tools and Resources Folder: A menu of tools and resources to help your community continue to discuss LCOs and plan for universal preschool
  • Resources to facilitate a community conversation

Resources to facilitate a community conversation

Spanish language materials are available here: